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Offering Professional Small Business solutions including Cloud Computing Implementation, Network setup, Software Installation, and More. Click above for a list of services.

Maureen C. (Charlottesville)

"I'm not very technical, I have been using computers for a while but sometimes it is difficult to remember everything and I sometimes click on the wrong thing. It's nice to know that Michael is available to help when I have a situation come up. Michael is the only one that I will have work on my computer now as he has demonstrated his expertise in helping me through some very difficult technical situations. He has helped with file recovery, upgrades and regular maintenance on my PC. I am ever grateful of the assistance that I have received as it has allowed me to continue taking care of important duties and obligations that I have with my commuinity/neighborhood associations. Thank you very much."

Martin S. (Charlottesville):

“My computer was running horribly. I had a deadline and with the way it was running and constantly crashing I was sure that I would end up losing my contract that was due before the weekend. I called several other companies and they said that I would need to buy a new computer and wanted to charge several hundred dollars to fix my computer even though it was only a year or so old. I called VaSSC and Michael came out and fixed my computer and it only took about two hours to get me back up and running and working on my project without having to spend a lot of money on new equipment. Seems like it just had a malware infection on the hard drive. Michael cleaned it up and it is working faster than ever. Thanks VaSSC for the superb service and speedy solution!”

Olivia R. (Charlottesville):

“I’m a student at UVa and my laptop crashed one day after I spilled my drink on it. I had all my projects for school on it and a term paper was due the following day. I called around to all the local computer stores and they said it would be a couple of weeks to get it fixed. I wanted to just transfer the data from my dead computer to a new one that I was given for Christmas but Geek Squad said that it would take a couple of days to get it done due to wait times. One place said they could get it done the same day but wanted to charge me a couple hundred dollars for their data transfer service saying that it would take half a day to do it. Finally I called VaSSC and they guy came to me at a coffee shop and he was able to convert my old hard drive into a portable external drive that I could use with my new computer through the USB port. It took him literally only fifteen minutes to get me back up and running. Seeing as it only took him fifteen minutes to get my data from my old drive I also had him get the my MS Office software installed so I could finish my term paper. That only took about fifteen minutes more. I am so glad that I called VaSSC. Not only do i have a new means of backing up my school work but I was able to turn my paper in on time. I only had to pay for the part and the 30 minutes it took to get me back up and running. In total I only spent about $50 where as it would have been several hundred from that other place. Thanks for saving me so much time and money and for helping me to meet my school deadline.”

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